"LookupPal is an excellent tool for instant web searches or translations ... It can be used by any user no matter the technical skill as the only actions perform is pushing two hotkeys."

  • Translate text from/to foreign languages IN ONE CLICK straight from your documents, websites and emails
  • Search the internet RIGHT from your documents without opening Chrome or Firefox
  • Calculate WITHOUT a separate calculator app, directly from your programs
  • Obtain meaning of unknown words DIRECTLY from your documents, websites and emails
  • Make up to $50,000 by promoting this new unique software in schools, social media and to your friends!

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Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32/64 bit)

1. Translate text to another language STRAIGHT from your documents, emails and websites without opening a separate translator program.*

Translate text to another language STRAIGHT from your documents, emails and websites with just one key press

  • Translation. As soon as you highlight text in almost any language (English, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, etc) and in almost any document (.pdf, .docx, .doc, .txt, emails) or website and press the F8 hotkey, the highlighted text will be translated to your language and copied to the special "Translation Window", where you can edit translated text or copy it to Windows® clipboard.

    LookupPal translates DIRECTLY from MS Word, Help files, Emails, Internet, Notepad, MS Excel etc.

    With LookupPal it is very easy to translate DIRECTLY from PDF documents too

    LookupPal instantly translates the YouTube comments with just one key press

  • Languages. By default, LookupPal™ translates the highlighted texts to the language of your Windows® settings. If you wish to translate the text to a different language, it also can be done by selecting a different language from LookupPal™ in one click


  • Translation Window. The translated fragments are automatically copied to the "Translation Window". This window combines all your translated fragments into one document. You can also clear the "Translation Window" each time prior to placing translated text there.

2. Obtain meaning of unknown words DIRECTLY from your .pdf, Word, Notebook, and other Windows® programs, websites and emails.

Imagine, while reading an .pdf, website, email or text document you want to find the meaning of some unknown word, or wish to learn more about it. You highlight this word, press the hotkey (chosen by you) and, voila! - a definition and description of this word pops up on your screen! You can choose the source of references - Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Google, Bing, Yandex, or one of many other online resources.

Get references directly from .pdf readers!

3. Search the Internet RIGHT from your documents and emails WITHOUT opening Chrome or Firefox.

Search the Internet RIGHT from your documents and emails

  • Search directly from documents. With LookupPal™ you do not need to open external web browsers to search the Internet. Simply highlight the word(s) you are looking for and press the hotkey (chosen by you). These words can be in almost any Windows® application (PDF readers, word processors, email programs, websites). You can even type them in Notepad, MS Word or File Explorer if you wish.
  • Sources. LookupPal™ can search Google, Bing, TaoBao, Amazon, eBay or even YouTube for the words you highlighted. So simple. Selection of the search source is also entirely under your control.

    Reference sources

  • Ads suppressor. If pages you are visiting contain ads, LookupPal™ can block them for you, using its built-in ads suppressor.

4. Calculate WITHOUT a calculator app directly from emails, word processors, etc.

  • People often need to make calculations right in the document they work with. Can you type something like 2/3+(5/6)-12*3.14 in Notepad or MS Word and calculate it? Nope.
  • LookupPal™ can do it with just one hotkey.

    Calculate directly from Notepad!

5. Extras

  • Export options. LookupPal™ will export for you the found descriptions or fragments of web pages to .pdf, MS Word (experimental feature), .rtf, text and HTML formats. No MS Word or .pdf writer required!
    LookupPal™ can also screenshot your web pages, show the HTML source, print pages, etc.

    Export menu

  • Auto-launch. LookupPal™ can start at Windows® logon and be always ready in the background to assist you with information and translation. You can disable this "launch-on-logon" feature at any time or re-enable it again.

Auto-launch and ads suppressor

Make up to $50,000 by promoting this new unique software in schools, social media, and to your friends!

LookupPal™ gives you the chance to make up to $50,000 by simply letting your friends or social media groups know about this unique software, coupled with your unique code.

Each LookupPal™ purchaser gets a Unique Code. Your friends can use this code in the "Discount Code" field to receive 25% off their purchase of the program, and you get 40% of every sale where your unique code is entered into the "Discount Code" field. Terms and conditions apply, click here to read more.

Who uses our LookupPal™?

  • Students. LookupPal™ is great for students who want to instantly obtain definitions of uncommon words or translate texts to/from foreign languages straight from their documents.
  • Translators and people who translate texts.
  • Scientists. LookupPal™ allows scientists to search keywords on the internet directly from the articles they are reading or writing and made calculations directly from their documents.
  • Programmers. LookupPal™ helps programmers find details of commands and keywords directly from the programs they design.
  • People who want to make money distributing this new, unique and powerful software.
  • Everybody else. LookupPal™ is useful to anyone who reads or writes emails, documents, translate terms or texts, etc.
Click the button below to download the 2-week free trial and see how LookupPal™ can help you!

FREE Trial Version
Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32/64 bit)

*The Translation feature is a FREE addition to the LookupPal™ software. Every effort was made to make the Translation stable and efficient. However since it utilizes third-party tools, we do not guarantee that LookupPal™ Translation feature will always work. In addition, the Translation feature may not be available for some languages.


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