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LookupPal™ gives you the chance to make up to $50,000 by simply letting your friends or social media groups know about this unique software, coupled with your unique code.

Each LookupPal™ purchaser gets a Unique Code. Your friends can use this code in the "Discount Code" field to receive 25% off their purchase of the program, and you get 40% of every sale where your unique code is entered into the "Discount Code" field.

Here is an example of how this works. You paid $2 to purchase your copy of LookupPal™, and got your Unique Code. When someone entered your Unique Code into the "Discount Code" field to purchase the software, they pay the discounted price of $1.50. As soon as payment is completed, we deposit to your account 40% of payment, i.e. $1.50*40% =$0.6. If 100 purchasers enter your code - you receive $60. If 1,000 purchasers enter your code - you receive $600, etc.

LookupPal™ is a unique software, which everyone needs and it costs only $2 (or $1.50 with a discount code). In other words, it can be available to everybody. The entire LookupPal™ market can be estimated in

$1.5 (discounted price) * ( 1.5 billions of daily Windows® users ) = 2.25 billion dollars.

Modern social media and internet allow you to share LookupPal™ with as many people as you want, promote your unique code to them, and obtain your share of the LookupPal™ market. Also don't forget that your teams, friends, colleagues, will benefit from LookupPal™ use.

Please note, we limit the amount every distributor can earn to $50,000 to allow everybody to have a chance

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